Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Remix: The Cure vs. Mc Shy-D "In between days" (Dj Ponga remix)

bonus: this is my jam back in the (mobile)dayz.put this on and its guaranteed hoochie madness.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wax Poetics Issue 38

Wax Poetics Issue 38

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My all time favorite Curtis joint:
Tripping Out

Xmas wishlist: (Book) How to Wreck a Nice Beach: From Stalin To Frampton To Bambaataa-The History of the Vocoder

Someone get me this book 4 xmas.

The history of the vocoder: how popular music hijacked the Pentagon's speech scrambling weapon
This is the story of how a military device became the robot voice of hip-hop and pop music. Though the vocoder, invented by Bell Labs in 1928, was designed to guard phones from eavesdroppers, it expanded beyond its original purpose and has since become widely used as a voice-altering tool for musicians. It has served both the Pentagon and the roller rink, a double agent of pop and espionage.

In How to Wreck a Nice Beach—from a mis-hearing of the vocoder-rendered phrase "how to recognize speech"—music journalist Dave Tompkins traces the history of electronic voices from Nazi research labs to Stalin's gulags, from the 1939 World's Fair to Hiroshima, from Manhattan nightclubs to the Muppets.

The result is an amazing chronicle of postwar music and culture, filled with unexpected and surprising encounters. We see the vocoder brush up against FDR, Solzhenitsyn, Stanley Kubrick, Stevie Wonder, JFK, Eisenhower, Neil Young, Kanye West, the Cylons, Walt Disney, Henry Kissinger, and Winston Churchill, who boomed, when vocoderized on V-E Day, "We must go off!" And now the device is a cell phone standard, allowing your voice to sound human.

From T-Mobile to T-Pain, How to Wreck a Nice Beach is a riveting saga of technology and culture, illuminating the work of some of music's most provocative innovators.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage Fri: Nora with the Rainmakers

The Superstar's rendition of the song Seconds with The Rainmakers in a scene from the movie Kaming Matatapang Ang Apog.Anyone selling their Rainmakers Lp?

goin out to the biggest Nora fan i know.:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Remix Andrew E. vs. Gary V. "Di bale na lang" Dj Ponga

Lots of Xmas parties gigs this month, and one tune thats always on my playlist is this 80's danzfloor banger from Gary V. I put some Andrew E. blends and some Tone Loc drums for that Dj Ponga touch.
It doesnt even matter if your an 80's or 90's baby..Even the college kids sing along to this tune..

Here's the classic! Pop lock and drop it Gary!

bonus: Live in student canteen: "Hang On"

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vinyl Archeology docu with Dj Arbie Won, Dj Shortkut & Decypher.

Shot around metro manila,digging in chillin' with Dj Arbie Won is the Beatraveler,Dj Shortkut and Decypher. With Muteskream reppin' Rasputins. Lot of good finds that day..ie Roy Ayers, some Pinoy Jazz lp's, lots of funk and disco comps!

(1st appeared on Soulsonic TV)

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Souls of Mischief!!!

SOM drops their new album tomorrow Dec.2 (their first in almost 10 years),featuring production from (whoa) Prince Paul and Domino..

from their website:

This is most eagerly awaited Souls of Mischief album ever! Montezuma's Revenge was created the old-fashioned way, with the MCs, A-Plus, Phesto, Opio & Tajai, and producers, Prince Paul & Domino, in the lab together from the beginning to the end of the recording process. "We rented a house" explains Opio. "Prince Paul came out, we had no distractions, we just did music every day. "It was cool" adds Tajai. "He had concepts, and it's good to have an outside perspective - it was a great process." The result is a cohesive, creative Hip Hop album, the kind of project you'd expect from veterans like Souls of Mischief under the auspices of a genius producer like Prince Paul. Souls first encountered Prince Paul while touring with A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul back in the day. But it was on a more recent tour with Handsome Boy Modeling School that the seeds of this collaboration were planted. So what exactly is Montezuma's Revenge? Tajai comments, "We recorded the album on Montezuma Street." The final product features 18 tracks of the quality Hip Hop you've come to expect from Hieroglyphics, with cover art by esteemed illustrator Steve Lopez (famous for his illustrations of Erykah Badu and others). Of course there's more to the title than the location of the recording, Tajai says "The deeper meaning is this album will make you crap yourself."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eat and Dig.

All in a day's work!

one of my lucky 45 finds:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Still funky! New Funkdoobiest!

One of my 90's favorites still on point and funky. This is off their new album "Golden B-boys" out now..Im diggin those drums! crunchy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is where i sleep

Diesel Turntable & DJ Inspired Bedding.Geekness!
You say that you eat, sleep, and breath production, but do you really mean it? As part of their Lifestyle Home Textile Collection, Diesel has designed and released a set of turntable bedding inspired by DJ’s and producers.
Avail@ Diesel

Hey Boy Hey Girl 11-18-09

See u all at Fuel Bar The Fort this Nov.18 for a barrage of Panic tunez once agen with the party people.with DJ Arbie1, and The Diegos.10pm!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

LBL live in MNL

If u simply dig dance music u dont wanna miss this.

Vinyl People

Vinyl People from Howard Silver on Vimeo.

In this age of Serato and Mp3's, nothin still beats holdin an OG copy in your hand listenin straight from your hi-fi.

A portrait of Vinyl collectors and producers and aficionados. From the owner of a Charlie Parker album worth 10,000 who believes in playing it and prefers mono to stereo to the producers at Norton Records where rock musicians who had fallen off the charts are restored to vinyl to be heard again. To that add the proprietor of Fynl Vinyl, straight out of a Nick Hornsby novel and a homemade Gramophone brought by it's owner and maker to Washington Square Park every Sunday to play a collection of 78's. Produced for WNET City Arts by Howard Silver.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Panic Halloween!! 2009

Come all Angels and Demons this Fri at 77 Bar Kamuning and get wasted to the tunes of Dj Arbie 1 the Impaler and Supreme Fist Frankenstein at our annual Halloween Ball..Major prizes awaits to those weearing the wackiest costume so come out your best!! This year we travel thru time to give you 4 decades of the best music to get u pumping on the danzfloor...So yawza!

10pm onwards!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Miscellenous live@ DMC 2009

Another group to watch, Miscellenous rockin'it live over turntables,live mpc and trigger finger..check it..from DMC 20009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

DJ Arbie 1 vs. DTech@ Hierarchy 10-21-09

Hiphop grooves flwoin all night with back to back sets from Dj Arbie1 and Dj Dtech.This wednesday at Hierarchy The Fort Strip 10pm onwards..no curfew!

Monday, October 12, 2009

New P.U.T.S "Trippin at the Disco" MTV!!

New album "Carried away" drops this week!! Order it now!

97' style- Pamilia D feat. Ill-J,Caliph8,Dash,Ali of BB Clan

Video of the 3rd single from Pamilia Dimagiba's "The Resistance" album, out now at all odyssey record bars..featuring their 90's hiphop contemporaries ILL-J, Caliph8, Ali, and Mc Dash produced by Dj Arbie1

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Found: Dakila (self titled album)

Ok this one at first glance i thought it's a local band seeing the tagalog name and the filipino faces on the cover, but then i looked closer what's a brother doing on the right? Must be a 'gapo band, so i turned it over and then found out it's a U.S pressing. Some good stuff here, especially if you're into latin/rock stuff like Santana and El Chicano. I saw in some article that they're based in the Mission District in San Francisco, and still active in doing shows all over.

Here's something to get you through all this weather..Thanks to my Kamias hookup for this one.

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Digz! 45' stylee

Ok its been a while since i shared yall sumthing...still tryin to finish that new mixtape but for the meantime,let me share some new(but old) tunes i've excavated from the dusty garages of Metro Manila recently..this time we'll focus on some filipino 45' singles ressurrected for your eardrums..
Ok first off is an artist im really feeling at the moment, and been in steady rotation on my soul and funk sets..Her name is Helen Gamboa.She's a big moviestar back in the 60's and i've just found out that she released a lot of cool singles during that era. Here's one of her slower jams from back in the day..They dont arrange music like this no more so savor it. This one is arranged by D' Amarillo..No doubt the Don Sebesky or Richard Evans of the Philippine studio scene in the 60's and 70's.

Ok next up.Most probably know im also into obscure,cheese,but interesting tunes that never really got their proper shine during their era.. this one i bought it because of the title. "Walkie-Talkie love" is a disco pop (is that moog i hear?)ditty by Nimfa Aguilar.During the 70's they dont have sidekicks and iphones yet so all they have is a walkie talkie to communicate with..ya they probably brought it with them at the disco houses(no texting)..I love this track.

From Soul and Disco now we move to Jazz Fusion territory.. Most of my peeps laugh when they see my Ryan Cayabyab cd in the studio,like i've gone soft on my shit. But i tell em, "wat the funk u think Ryan is just good for Josh Groban and all them symphony shit?!!"Well Mr. C is also a good arranger-producer when he started out in the 70's, but then he made a lot of money so he forgot about his bellbottom roots and just switched onto forgettable stuff. This killer track is from the Pinoy Jazz album (1977-78)which was recently reissued.The intro alone is straight up cough-syrup soundtrack,wha the hell is a Telebong anyways?? Another Pinoy Jazz album came out,by Eddie Munji and these two records are one of the most seminal filipino records that came out in the 70's. ..So let's enjoy Ryan one more time as he goes Bob James style on this track.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manila Design Week @ Cubao X

Come 1 come all this thursday as we tear it up again at Cubao Xpo for Manila Design Week.Grooves by Dj Arbie 1,Pasta Groove with Drip,Pedicab and more...9pm onwards!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teammanila store opening@ Trinoma

Head over to Trinoma this Thurs. July 23 for the opening of TeamManila's new shop..Cocktails and good music form 6pm onwards. Music by the Beatraveler

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek-" Back again"

Im not sure if this is an Reflection Eternal album dropping soon, but this first single is definetely dope! Breath of fresh air from all the junk coming out recently.

Dope! Fretless Fader

Yap the turntable scene is still evolving..Talkback scratch anyone?This is actually a simple MIDI controller that allows you to cut and change notes through 2 octaves without taking your hands away from the vinyl and fader. Still a prototype so its not available yet.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ok we got a couple of residencies this month at this new club in Timog QC called Buracroxy. The vibe is nice,just chillin type of scene with a steady supply of g.r.o walk ins haha..Every tuesdays we get down to funk,soul and hiphop with Soul'd Out!! feat. Selekters like Caliph8,Supreme Fist, Skin Kadafi and guest dj's! Below u can check out Ella Fitzgerald's bangin version of Sunshine of your love, definitely one the favorites on this night, just to giv ya a taste..

and then every fridays we give you THE REMEDY! panic tunes all the way for your weekend danzfloor fix..This time Trigga and yours truly with guest dj's get down on the 1 and 2's for the 1,2 dose of hiphop,r&b, top 40 and watever to get the gro booty's movin! drink specials,and no cover charge! party starts at 10 but gets poppin around 11 so so dont miss out

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dj Ponga Remix! "Selfish" The Other Two

One of those remixes i do just for fun.Lets take it back to Equinox,Jaloux and Faces.90's is definitely my era so this is always included in my 90's set,but then the other younger cats coudnt get down to it so i decided to tweak it a lil bit...cut and paste style remix with the mpc going to sonar.with some missy accapelas to start it off..A little trivia on the group the other two, i just found out that they're members of New Order.Hence the cool synth sounds.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Digi-single! '97 style remix- Pamilia D feat. ILL-J, Caliph8,Dash and Kemikal Ali

Here's our new digi-single ready for free download! Actually just thought of this last week while making the beat sta.rosa style.Was messing around with a soul record, not knowing it would come out like a beat from the 90s' era. So i textd up our contemporaries from the glory days of 90's lokal hiphop (Ill-j,Dash, Caliph and Ali) and asked if they be down to lay a quick verse for a remix of our 3rd single from the Resistance album, '97 style. Luckily they all dig the beat, and after a few bottles later,they got their verse down on the spot.

So here's our little ditty for one of the best years of our hiphop lives,where a job didnt matter as long u got transpo money,tims,first down jeans,a pager and your backpack to take u where u wanna go.

download the whole single pack:


Monday, May 11, 2009

Dj Arbie 1 live @ The Hierarchy 2009 mixtape

Dj Arbie 1- Live at Hey Boy, Hey Girl @ The Hierarchy 2009

1-Rumpshaker-Wrecks n Effect
2-Shamrocks & Shenanigans- House of Pain
3-Come baby come- K7
4-It takes two to Jabongga- Dj Ponga Blend
5-Motownphilly- Boyz II Men
6-Elevate my mind- Stereo Mc's
7-Andrew E.VS. Gary V-Dj Ponga blend
8-Enjoy the silence- Depeche Mode
9-Come as you are- Nirvana
10-Bonafide lovin'- Chromeo
11-Selfish (Dj Ponga B-more lady remix)- The Other Two
12-Lady (Manos rmx)- Modjo
13-Remind Me (Dj Ponga blend)- Royksopp
14-Mad over you- Dj Sega
15-Bill Cosby sweater- Oh Snap!
16-September (rmx)-EWF
17-Koochy- Armand Van Helden
18-Swagga like Us (rmx)
19- Seek and destroy- Metallica
20- Dominator rmx
21-Easy (rmx)- The Commodores
22-Young folks(Diplo rmx)-Young Berg
23- Blame it( rmx)- Jamie Foxx
24-Calle Ocho- Pitbull
25-Put your hands up rmx- Dj Ayres
26- Hey boy,Hey girl- Chemical Brothers
27-Hold the line- Major Lazer


Saturday, May 9, 2009

People's Future listening party

come thru this tuesday for a night of hiphop madness as we listen to the new release of People's Future.Highly recommended,BTRVLR tested! Entrance is free! 10pm Hierarchy THe Fort

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New mixx!! Tripping Out! Vol. 3: Full of fire

Another installment of my Tripping Out series, this one a bit different from the first two. This time around we bring out some jams to groove,chill or just smoke out to sum good ol' soul,funk and hiphop grooves.

alternate link:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey Boy/Hey Gurl gig tonight

Hey Boy/Hey Gurl gig tonight at Hierarchy The Fort. Featuring the tunes of The Diegos( Pedicab/Sandwich, Mars (Embassy) and Dj Ponga (Club Idol,Takuza)..featuring Hiphop,ol skool,90's,b-more and more panic tunez!

party starts at 10pm til the pee hours..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've been busy the past few days moving out my stuff to my new studio in the province,which wasnt really easy coz it took me about 5 trips back and forth to transfer most of record collection to the new spot (that's about 15 crates of contraband), and the rest going to my studio in the city. While cleaning out my old spot i found an old beat tape, kinda takin me back to the realm of analog recording: beats going straight to the tape deck,vinyl overdubs and pause tapes. This beat tape is from way back 1997, when i was still using the Roland JS30 sampler(above). Couldnt afford an akai back then so i stucked with this machine, which is only a 2min sampler,4 tracks of recording,no quantize and no saving option. Which means everytime i turn it off all data is lost and im forced to do the same beat all over again. Here's some of the beats on that ol dusty tape.

"Cosmic Boyz"- ya u've heard the sample before but back then i wasnt really into chopping stuff. I've used all 4 tracks on the sampler so i did a one take overdub from the turntable straight to the the tape deck with the sampler.

"Chonam"- Mobb Deep was the shit back then,(remember Hell on Earth?), so the obligatory Queens banger beat.This is my era right here.RZA,HAVOC,MUGGS.

"Daigdig"- Before Kanye made it cool speeding up samples, producers like 4th disciple from the WU fam was spinning em like 45 style. Here's another hardcore banger ala early CNN. This one almost made it to the Down Earf album.

"Manila's finest 2"- one of my lost beats. The main sample was really slowed down to give that eerie feel, but i couldnt remember anymore the original sample i used for it. This beat is supposed to be on the Pamilia Dimagiba album but got lost along the way. Sorry PD.

Re-up! 80's dynamite mixtape

My 80's mixtape released way back 2006.1 hour and 20 minutes of pure gel music madness!

1. You got me working-Gary V.
2. Like a cannonball-Menudo
3. I dont wanna lose you- David Lime
4. Dont cry- Ken Laszlo
5. Swiss Boy- Lou Sern
6. Somebodys watching me- Rockwell
7. Abracadabra- Steve Miller band
8. Talking in your sleep- The Romantics
9. Everybody have fun tonight- Wang Chung
10. Wanna be startin something- Michael Jackson
11. Just cant get enough- Depeche Mode
12. Bizaare Love triangle- New Order
13. A dream- Robert Grace
14. Who can it be now- men at Work
15. Wild boys- Duran Duran
16. Sunglasses at night- Corey Hart
17. Beat it- MJ
18. You got the power- Juan Miguel Salvador/Gary V
19. Telephone- Sheena Easton
20. Call me- Blondie
21. My sharona- The Knack
22. Rico Mambo- Breakfast Club
23. Take on me- A-Ha
24. Just got lucky- Jo Boxers
25. More you live-Flock of Seagulls
26. I ran- Flock of Seagulls
27. Wake me up- Wham!
28. I feel for you- Chaka Khan
29. Cool it now- New Edition
30. Breakout- Swing Out Sisters
31. Say it isnt so- Hall & Oates
32. Di bale na lang- Gary V
33. All night long (Blend)- Lionel Richie
34. Something about you- Level 42
35. I like chopin- Gazebo
36. Cant go for that- Hall & Oates
37. White lines- Grandmaster Flash
38. Rockit- Herbie Hancock
39. Get on the danzfloor- Rob Base
40. Pure energy- Information Society
41. Pump up the volume- M.A.A.R.S
42. Billie Jean- MJ
43. Dont you want me- Human League
44. Forever young- Alphaville