Saturday, March 31, 2012

R u living your dream?

People's Future new EP!!

Im digging this new EP from People's Future..Ya'll should too.

One of the few Hiphop groups in the Philippines keepin' it steady..rock,rock on check it out.


BollyDisko...can u sing with me???!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dj Arbie Won is the Beatraveler instrumental album

Now here is a free download of my 1st ever instrumental album,a collection of beats from 2000 to 2006..originally called "Future Past", im supposed to put it out in 2007 but along the away i kinda forgot about it. In between mixtapes,I was finishing up our Pamilia Dimagiba album, and just started making tracks for the United freestyles 3 album and the instrumental project got backlogged. But being the diggers we are i have unearthed the files, tried my best mastering it and decided to share it in the blogosphere. The earliest track , "Contrabando" was recorded early 2000 when i went back to the states for film school, and with the frustration of not being able to work with MC's, tried to emulate what my heroes we're doing, like Dj Krush,Cam,Shadow and NOW..just laying down beats to chill to and basically make use of the records im collecting..This tracks we're all done in on an MPC 2000,(then MPC1000 when the 2000 broke down), turntables,mixer,a Korg Electribe and the records i bought during that time period.

You can download the album here:
(for a limited time)

also preview the tracks here

and at the official Cant Stop! Diggin page.

and here's a quickie video i edited of mostly found footage floating around my hard drive, pasted together for "By Chance"..

Thursday, March 8, 2012

CtrlAltDel MTV by Miscellaneous

debut vid from Manila's ill hiphop group Miscelleneous..2 MPC's+2 MC's+1 DJ... no frills just skills..