Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Born in Shaolin: Wu--bangerz mixtape

Here's an old mixtape from way back ,this one a tribute to one of my early influences when i was starting out in producing, the whole Wu-tang sound. This ish takes me back on the Jersey train to the Big apple whenever i hear this. An hour mix of Wu-classics.

1.Dj Arbie intro blend
2.Mystery of chessboxin-Wutang
3.Warriors drum-King Just
4.Protect ya neck-Wu
5.Freak the sorceress-Gravediggaz
6.Method man-Wu
7.Wutang aint nuthin-Wu
8.Shimmyshimmy ya-ODB
9.Nowhere to run-Gravediggaz
10. Cant it be all so simple-Wu
12. Ice cream- Rae ft. Ghost
13.after laughter comez tearz
14.All that i need remix- Meth
15.incarcerated scarfaces- Rae
17.As high as wutang gets=Wu
18. triumph- Wu
19.Careful clickclick- Wu
21.freakin you-Jodeci
22.The cookout- Killarmy
23. Collaboration 98-sunz of man
24.Spring water-la da darkman
25.The plan- Sunz of man
26. Feel it-killarmy


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Soulsonic TV mixtape:OPM Soundclash vol.2

2nd installment of my OPM Soundclash series of mixtapes,which is like an ongoing history lesson of local Philippine/Fil-am hiphop tunes.Mixed exclusively for Soulsonic TV (www.ssonictv.blogspot.com) More than an hour's worth of xclusives,remixes and hard to find pinoy rap joints!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Black Sabbath VS. Shadowblyde "Lucifer's Pride"

This is my favorite track from the recently released promo of my cohort from Pamilia D Shadowblyde.. This one is entitled "SEVEN"..inspired by the 7 deadly sins and the movie. Sampled this track from my fave Black Sabbath jam (u know wassup..)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Throne of Blood MTV

Here's the latest video of my dance group, Pamilia Dimagiba.Hardcore shit

Monday, October 13, 2008

Live Mix: Dj Arbie 1 live @ Pablo Sept. 27,2008

Here's an hour mix from my live set from Pablo,Cubao X. Hiphop feelgood to electro skratch vinyls mixed live on 2 turntables. Tracklist below. Dedicated to the girls of Pablo! Enjoy!!

1.Girl, i think the world about you-The Commodores
2.Buddy- Dela Soul
3.Shakiyla- Poor Righteous Teachers
4.Runnin' Pharcyde
5.Nuttin but flavor- Funkmaster Flex feat. Charlie Brown,ODB and Biz Markie
6.Word up doc-Armand Van Helden
7.Puerto Rico!- Frankie Cutlass
8.Take it easy- Madlion
9.Can i kick it- ATCQ
10.Five to one- The Doors
11.Takeover- Jay-Z
12.Funky 4 u- Nice and Smooth
13.Shake your rump- Beastie Boys
14.Dance the kungfu- Carl Douglas
15.Tap the bottle-YBT
16. 3 delinquentes- Delinquent habits
17.Cant truss it- Public Enemy
18.Funky beat- Solid band
19.Lowdown- Boz Scaggs
20.Ayos ba- VST & co.
21.Walk this way- Aerosmith
22.2001 space odyssey theme- UBB
23.Gotta be tough- MC Shy-D
24.Cant go for that- Hall & Oates
25.Me,myself and I- Dela Soul
26.Jingling baby rmx- LL Cool J
27.Rock creek park- The Blackbyrds
28.Back by dope demand- King Bee
29.Bust a move- Young MC
30. When i hear music- Debbi Deb
31.Funky lil beat- Connie
32.Pacjam rmx- Jonzun Crew
33.Something to dance to- NWA
34.Straight to hell- The Clash

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remix! Automatik Robarat remix by Dj Ponga

Here's a fun remix i did for Bagetsafonik's Travel agents remix album. All done in the MPC1000 using the original song elements. Obviously influenced by the soundz of my youth, west coast freestyle and bass hiphop. Download it now!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Live at Pablo this Sat. Sept.27

Sorry for lack of updates..bday week so its getting,its getting, its getting kinda hectic..But check it out this Sat il be spinning for a Pablo party,located at Cubao X. Il be spinning mostly anything goes hiphop for the night but i will take sum requests maybe. Also spinning is Caliphate and Eggboy.Interesting night of music and art for sure..farty starts at 7pm

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gig this week: Pamilia Dimagiba Back at Dredd

We're back to performing Club Dredd this Fri, Sept.5..Our set will be at 10pm. Other performers that night includes Sound, Cambio,Sinag (God's Will's band proj) and Corporate Lo-Fi, who is about to embark on a tour to promote their album.. Last time we performed at Dredd was around 1998 when it was still in Edsa.We were still using cassetes back then as as our m1 and the soundbwoy messed up the cueing.We ended up performing to the Gangsta paradise beat by Coolio. All good though, mostly west coast was in the crowd hehe.

Pamilia Dimagiba live at Club Dredd Eastwood City QC
Setup: MPC,mixer,turns

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Mix: OPM TENDER MONSOON (Luvsoundz 2)

70's-80's Filipino R&B and soul..with some pop in the mix.1 hour mix.Very relaxing.Try it.

free download for a limited time!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tripping Out! 2: Luvsoundz

Soul/R&B breaks mix from late 60's to the 80's..An hour's worth of some of my favorite soul tracks. Get a girl and chill.Originally released way back 2005.Cover as you see is inspired by my mentor when it comes to smoothness, Mr. RJP himself..

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Umpukan! mix

Filipino-Funk/Disko breaks mix. Umpukan is the slang they use back in the 70's for gimik spots and clubs..(ex: "Let's go to the Umpukan this weekend.."..meaning let's go John travolta saturday night fever this weekend..) over an hour of non-stop dancefloor bliss, this was released late last year..cover by Warren d' 'tubbern.Free 2 download.

Tripping Out! v1.0

My first in my Trippin Out! series, released way back 2002. Soul,breaks,jazz and some soundtracks in between. check it out here;