Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Joe Bataan: Singin' some Soul!!

Yeah! Finally got my own copy!! This is really hard to find in it's OG press, good thing they recently re-issued it! Limited copies of 1,000, (mine is #583)..About the album,definitely on my top 2 spot of Joe Bataan albums,Afro Filipino being the 1st..This one is more soulful though and Joe really belts it out with pure emotion..This re-issue will soon be gone so i suggest you get your copy now!.higly recommended..Now all i need is that low-rider and im set.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Groove Merchant Anniversary 45" Box

The groove collector's best friend in the Bay-area celebrates its 20th year with a double LP compilation and now,a limited edition 45' box including never before released 45 re-issues from the comp..Here's more info from the Ubiquity website:

"Designed by Freddy Anzures, of P-R-O-P-S/Apple, built by The Key Printing and Binding in Oakland, CA, on-sale now stocked with 10 x 7" singles compiled by Cool Chris at The Groove Merchant for Luv N'Haight.

Box facts:
*Box will fit around 30 7” singles.
*Handmade in Oakland, CA, at The Key Printing and Binding, using refurbished, salvaged, and vintage machinery. The board used in construction is the hardest available, from the last remaining stock.
*Reinforced lid prevents corner breakage. Removable inner box acts as a buffer against breakage/pressures.
*Cloth, both red and blue, used in covering lids is natural fiber linen, with acrylic coating, offset litho printed with durable TuffTex inks.
*Hardware from Ohio. Rivets, American made, are hi-strength tubular type, no POP rivets, staples or split rivets were used in construction.
*Only 250 made

Making of: Groove Merchant 20 Record Box from Ubiquity Records on Vimeo.

Heat! Reks- "25th hour" (Primo production!)

Dunn chopped them up!...looks like a dope album with prod from Alchemist,Pete Rock,Primo, Statik Selektah and more..album out now!

Monday, March 14, 2011

VST & CO "Ayos Ba" -Pinoy Funk Disko!

taken from the original 45 late 70's...dope drum break intro ala Boz Scaggs' "Lowdown"..not sure who's on the drums but i have a feeling its Jun Regalado.

taken from my PinoyFunkDisko Mixtape entitled" UMPUKAN"..
and yeah you can still download the whole mixtape here:

if your looking for a 45' i can hook you up.lemme know

Diggin in da vault:: Golem Soundsystem "Beep-beep(Patok mix)"

Back in 2000 when i back to the states for a quick stint in school, i dabbled in a sideproject of sorts called Golem Soundsystem..kinda like an outlet to put out my electronic side and the stuff i was messing around that time.I never really out much though coz i had to be back in school but i managed to put out like 3-4 bedroom (more like Sala) tracks.This was also the same time when i put out the my first tracks as Dj Arbie Won is the Beatraveler, for the downtempo and instrumental stuff im into.(remember MP3manila? the first ever music site in PH i think).anyways here's a track i did for the Golem Soundsystem project, a remix of the Juan dela Cruz track "Beep-beep" done Bigbeat style..this was all done in the mpc2000,some missy samples and filters.I still remember Fatboy Slim, Chemical Bros, and the whole Bigbeat scene was all over MTV lol..Il upload the other Golem tracks soon.but for now play this in your friendly neighborhood jeepney.

and here's the original:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tropa de Elite 2 trailer!!

part one was dope...i heard it gets better..

Dj Hero 5: Cash Money!

Aside from Jazzy Jeff, i learned how to do the transformer scratch by listening to Cash of the most charismatic dj's to win the championship, and along with Fresh Prince/Jazzy Jeff, and Guru/Premier, one of the pioneering MC-Dj groups.

the now classic DMC routine circa 1988:

..years later Dj Noize would pay tribute to this routine with his own set.

Here's a classic music video from Cash Money & Marvelous:

a rare interview and clip: