Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Digi-single! '97 style remix- Pamilia D feat. ILL-J, Caliph8,Dash and Kemikal Ali

Here's our new digi-single ready for free download! Actually just thought of this last week while making the beat sta.rosa style.Was messing around with a soul record, not knowing it would come out like a beat from the 90s' era. So i textd up our contemporaries from the glory days of 90's lokal hiphop (Ill-j,Dash, Caliph and Ali) and asked if they be down to lay a quick verse for a remix of our 3rd single from the Resistance album, '97 style. Luckily they all dig the beat, and after a few bottles later,they got their verse down on the spot.

So here's our little ditty for one of the best years of our hiphop lives,where a job didnt matter as long u got transpo money,tims,first down jeans,a pager and your backpack to take u where u wanna go.

download the whole single pack:

1 comment:

jaydj said...

did you guys sample that or is it an original hook ?

dig the chorus... who's that mutha f&^*ker wearing timbaland boots ???

cool single ! ayt! props up to my cuzin dash !