Monday, August 31, 2009

New Digz! 45' stylee

Ok its been a while since i shared yall sumthing...still tryin to finish that new mixtape but for the meantime,let me share some new(but old) tunes i've excavated from the dusty garages of Metro Manila recently..this time we'll focus on some filipino 45' singles ressurrected for your eardrums..
Ok first off is an artist im really feeling at the moment, and been in steady rotation on my soul and funk sets..Her name is Helen Gamboa.She's a big moviestar back in the 60's and i've just found out that she released a lot of cool singles during that era. Here's one of her slower jams from back in the day..They dont arrange music like this no more so savor it. This one is arranged by D' Amarillo..No doubt the Don Sebesky or Richard Evans of the Philippine studio scene in the 60's and 70's.

Ok next up.Most probably know im also into obscure,cheese,but interesting tunes that never really got their proper shine during their era.. this one i bought it because of the title. "Walkie-Talkie love" is a disco pop (is that moog i hear?)ditty by Nimfa Aguilar.During the 70's they dont have sidekicks and iphones yet so all they have is a walkie talkie to communicate with..ya they probably brought it with them at the disco houses(no texting)..I love this track.

From Soul and Disco now we move to Jazz Fusion territory.. Most of my peeps laugh when they see my Ryan Cayabyab cd in the studio,like i've gone soft on my shit. But i tell em, "wat the funk u think Ryan is just good for Josh Groban and all them symphony shit?!!"Well Mr. C is also a good arranger-producer when he started out in the 70's, but then he made a lot of money so he forgot about his bellbottom roots and just switched onto forgettable stuff. This killer track is from the Pinoy Jazz album (1977-78)which was recently reissued.The intro alone is straight up cough-syrup soundtrack,wha the hell is a Telebong anyways?? Another Pinoy Jazz album came out,by Eddie Munji and these two records are one of the most seminal filipino records that came out in the 70's. ..So let's enjoy Ryan one more time as he goes Bob James style on this track.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manila Design Week @ Cubao X

Come 1 come all this thursday as we tear it up again at Cubao Xpo for Manila Design Week.Grooves by Dj Arbie 1,Pasta Groove with Drip,Pedicab and more...9pm onwards!