Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've been busy the past few days moving out my stuff to my new studio in the province,which wasnt really easy coz it took me about 5 trips back and forth to transfer most of record collection to the new spot (that's about 15 crates of contraband), and the rest going to my studio in the city. While cleaning out my old spot i found an old beat tape, kinda takin me back to the realm of analog recording: beats going straight to the tape deck,vinyl overdubs and pause tapes. This beat tape is from way back 1997, when i was still using the Roland JS30 sampler(above). Couldnt afford an akai back then so i stucked with this machine, which is only a 2min sampler,4 tracks of recording,no quantize and no saving option. Which means everytime i turn it off all data is lost and im forced to do the same beat all over again. Here's some of the beats on that ol dusty tape.

"Cosmic Boyz"- ya u've heard the sample before but back then i wasnt really into chopping stuff. I've used all 4 tracks on the sampler so i did a one take overdub from the turntable straight to the the tape deck with the sampler.

"Chonam"- Mobb Deep was the shit back then,(remember Hell on Earth?), so the obligatory Queens banger beat.This is my era right here.RZA,HAVOC,MUGGS.

"Daigdig"- Before Kanye made it cool speeding up samples, producers like 4th disciple from the WU fam was spinning em like 45 style. Here's another hardcore banger ala early CNN. This one almost made it to the Down Earf album.

"Manila's finest 2"- one of my lost beats. The main sample was really slowed down to give that eerie feel, but i couldnt remember anymore the original sample i used for it. This beat is supposed to be on the Pamilia Dimagiba album but got lost along the way. Sorry PD.

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LarrySilva said...

Lahat yan meron ako kasama sa "droga" na unreleased ng Soul Snatchaz...DRANREB