Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trapper Keeper official music video

Here it is!!! My first single from the long overdue United Freestyles 3 album...Trapper Keeper, my first time to collabo with Katwo (of  the band Duster)  was one of the easiest songs to work with on the album. When i was making the beat, i could already hear a female rapper spittin on the track ala UFFIE or Mc Lyte..then i was playing music from my lokal playlist and  ive thought about this indie  group from the early 2000s called Narda..i remember i saw them live at Saguijo once and i reallly dig their i thought about getting their singer Katwo to rap, over a bonadife i told her about the song and she's instantly game, and we xchanged emails.I dunno how we got the to the trapper keeper concept, but when she sent me the beat lyrics together with the rough demo i was blown away..then to add gravy to the goodness i asked Bagetsafonik hiphoppa Analog MC to drop the synths and get on the mic. He delightfully obliged and thanked me for making his dream come true..the synths you hear on the song are actually from an ipad, i think it was an electribe app courtesy of Jowee so thats my first time also messing around with softsynths..the bass and the filters came from the Yamaha CP10 and of course the drums are from the here ya go, my first single from the UF3 album..hope yall dig and tnx 4 listening.

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