Saturday, September 15, 2012

New mix!! Nightcap- Late Night Selekts

1st in the series of late night drunken selekts by yours truly the Beatraveler..Kinda like my own take on the "Another late night" or "Back to home" series that was popular in the late 90's..the first chapter,called "Lost in the midway" sets the mood with some Folky-Pyschedlia then movess into some downtempo with local fave Drip and then closes it out with one hit wonder Primitive Radio Gods (an alone in the bar loser anthem)..So pour the Jack Daniels and drink all our misery away with matching soundtrack to ease the trip. free download!

1-Sleepwalker- Killer Watts
2-Kilburn Towers-Beegees
3-Dont know what im gonna do- Harumi
4-Caroline goodbye- Colin Bluntstone
5-Where is she- Donovan
6-Lost cause- Beck
7-Lost in the midway- Jimmie Spheeries
8-Bloodletting- Drip
9-Scale it back- Dj Shadow
10-Eyes without a face- Billy Idol
12-Standing outside- Primitive Radio Gods

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