Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Groove Merchant Anniversary 45" Box

The groove collector's best friend in the Bay-area celebrates its 20th year with a double LP compilation and now,a limited edition 45' box including never before released 45 re-issues from the comp..Here's more info from the Ubiquity website:

"Designed by Freddy Anzures, of P-R-O-P-S/Apple, built by The Key Printing and Binding in Oakland, CA, on-sale now stocked with 10 x 7" singles compiled by Cool Chris at The Groove Merchant for Luv N'Haight.

Box facts:
*Box will fit around 30 7” singles.
*Handmade in Oakland, CA, at The Key Printing and Binding, using refurbished, salvaged, and vintage machinery. The board used in construction is the hardest available, from the last remaining stock.
*Reinforced lid prevents corner breakage. Removable inner box acts as a buffer against breakage/pressures.
*Cloth, both red and blue, used in covering lids is natural fiber linen, with acrylic coating, offset litho printed with durable TuffTex inks.
*Hardware from Ohio. Rivets, American made, are hi-strength tubular type, no POP rivets, staples or split rivets were used in construction.
*Only 250 made

Making of: Groove Merchant 20 Record Box from Ubiquity Records on Vimeo.

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