Monday, March 14, 2011

Diggin in da vault:: Golem Soundsystem "Beep-beep(Patok mix)"

Back in 2000 when i back to the states for a quick stint in school, i dabbled in a sideproject of sorts called Golem Soundsystem..kinda like an outlet to put out my electronic side and the stuff i was messing around that time.I never really out much though coz i had to be back in school but i managed to put out like 3-4 bedroom (more like Sala) tracks.This was also the same time when i put out the my first tracks as Dj Arbie Won is the Beatraveler, for the downtempo and instrumental stuff im into.(remember MP3manila? the first ever music site in PH i think).anyways here's a track i did for the Golem Soundsystem project, a remix of the Juan dela Cruz track "Beep-beep" done Bigbeat style..this was all done in the mpc2000,some missy samples and filters.I still remember Fatboy Slim, Chemical Bros, and the whole Bigbeat scene was all over MTV lol..Il upload the other Golem tracks soon.but for now play this in your friendly neighborhood jeepney.

and here's the original:

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