Friday, October 22, 2010

Dj Hero 4: Grandmaster Flash

Here's a rare footage of the Flash talkin about scratching on national tv..all you aspiring dj's out there y'all might learn something here...back in the days there wasnt no dj youtube or dj schools then to learn how to spin..we used to go to shows and parties to how watch the dj's and learn something from them..then there's also the dmc vhs tapes we used to pass around the crew..
NOTE: I saw Flash on LAX this year and i know a lot of people hated on his set,(same as when A-trak and Spinbad was here) but as a dj, the reason you were booked in the 1st placed was to rock the crowd and keep them orderin at the cant just play for that 7% of the true heads who were there waiting for him to play all old school(some of them wasnt even orderin hehe)...of course he has to mix it up,read the crowd,take em on a journey or sumthin....A lot of people dont know that mixing genres wasnt new,but it's a New York style, originated by Herc,Bambataa and Flash..they'll play something from Blondie,to Sex Pistols,to some UK house and back to Atcq...

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