Thursday, October 7, 2010

ASUS NX90 Launch tonight@ Amber The Fort

Ok tonight we're throwing a hoopla for Asus at Amber for the launch of their new "desktop replacement"laptop called the NX90..I've been using it the past 5 days and been really getting a lot of attention from fellow dj's and producers..Well 1st of all is it's appearance..20inch screen,all aluminum body designed by the folks from Bang and Olufsen..the built in speakers is so loud you dont need them external speakers anymore..

then the specs..the one im using is the top of the line model meaning 1tb hdd,6gb memory,quad core and blue ray drive..not to mention the 1gb video memory..(It was a breeze analyzing those mp3 files i've transferred!) Its too bad i have to bring this beast to gigs,coz with this power it really belongs to the studio,or a fixed set up..But its part of a club tour we're doing for Asus,so if you wanna see it in action,head on to Amber tonight and check it out..We're also giving away the exclusiv mixtape i did for Asus.

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