Friday, July 30, 2010

Dj hero 3: Dj Aladdin

Me and my Dj cousins (Dj Flux and R-type) used to rewind our vhs copy of the 89 dmc finals,just to get pysched up with Dj Aladdin's routine..Im sure Roc-raida and Craze also looked up to this guy when it comes to speed and showmanship..Aladdin was also one half of the west coast group "Low Profile",along side with WC.classic!


Hashbrown said...

Thanks for posting this. I 1st saw Alladin back in '80s (short DMC clip and Low Profile). From '96 forward I've seen tons of Roc Raida footage. Just realized today how much Roc Raida got/was influenced by Alladin!!!

Beatraveler said...

ya man definitely Aladdin is a big influence on 90's champs.