Monday, July 12, 2010

Dj hero 1: Joe Cooley

ok im startin a new segment here..gonna be blogging about some of my dj influences i've looked up to since getting in the dj game back in the early 90's..

the primo goes to one of the best dj/pioneers from the west coast, Joe Cooley..known for his slick jheri curl,and most notably for the classic track "Everlasting bass"..if the east coast had Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff,the west no doubt had Joe Cooley,along with Dj Aladdin reppin the westside..
i've found some home videos of him cutting,circa 1987.(way ahead of his time)

nice sweater man:

Everlasting bass:
the best ever scratch adlib!!man i used to practice mad hours emulatin this "bass"scratching..

check out their debut album "me and joe"...definitely in the top 10 of my best albums in hiphop..last year i found a mint copy of this in some garage in dasmarinas,cavite, so if you ever come across a it! or il buy it off from you.

next week: a megamixer from the sunshine state..

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