Thursday, February 4, 2010


been checking out a a lot of documentaries lately,as im aboout to immerse myself onto a project this' some of my favorite documentaries...

Favela on Blast-Baile funk documentary..not a lot of people dig baile funk,but to me i like its rawness and grassroots approach..If Tondo's slums has their own pinoy gangsta rap, Rios's infamous slums has Baile Funk.

Jazz- the classic by Ken Burns..i even videotaped it to vhs when it debut in PBS..the Miles Davis piece is very inspiring.

Scratch- i specially like the pacing of this docu..i still have the ticket when it premiered in NY.

Planet B-boy- just watched it..very interesting..i especially liked the drama and the part when they showed the background of the finalists..

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