Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V-day 2013 Mixtape! "Tsunami Love"

Here's my latest mixtape..ready for love month..being the hopeless romantic iam, il always try to come up with a new mixtape every Valentines..For this year, i traded my soul/oldies crates for some selections of my favorite Rap Ballads from the 80's to early 90's..back when our lives we're more simpler and bills no stress and all you think about is about that special someone in school..woah good times indeed, making tapes for your crush and memorizing all the lyrics to impress here it download check it!


1. Love Jones-Doctor Ice
2. You are everything- Mc Shy D
3. Crush- Rob Base
4. Cold summer nights- Francis M
5. Teenage love- Slick Rick
6. Just a friend- Biz Markie
7. Left me lonely- Mc Shan
8. I need love- LL Cool J
9.  Romantic Rhyme- MC A.D.E
10. Sitting in the park- Hi-C
11. Just for you- Urban Flow
12. I dont wanna treat you wrong- Mc Shy D
13. One love- Whodini
14. Falling in love- Fat Boys
15. Loving you- Francis M
16. Love thing- Kid Flash
17. Searching for love- MC Bronx and Homeboy Jorge

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