Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nightcap Vol.2 !! -Down for the third time

Volume 2 of my new post-breakup mixtape series called "Nightcap" this volume we travel across soul territory with some familiar and less familiar tunes perfect for those moments drinking alone in that smoky bar drowning in your own download check it!


1.Where did he come from- Sunday Williams
2. I really love you- Dee Dee Sharp
3.On a clear day- The Peddlers
4.One hundred ways- Quincy Jones
5. Down for the third time- Bobby Caldwell
6.Mind blowing decisions- Heatwave
7. The harder i try- The Free Movement
8.You are my starship- Norman Connors
9.Under the street lamp- Joe Bataan
10.If you dont want my love- Bobby Womack
11. Make a smile for me- Bill Withers
12.A good man is gone- Barbara Mason
13.How can you say goodbye- Sidney Joe Qualls
14.United- The Intruders
15.Invitation-Dee Dee Sharp
16. Una Bella Brazilian Melody- Main Ingredient
17. Tired of being alone- Al Green
18.Its not the same- Little Anthony
19. That's what fate will do- Main Ingredient
20.It takes a little time- Mad Cliff

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