Monday, February 27, 2012

Joe Alvarez- Filipino Mod/Soul

Here's a recent find..another undiscovered gem from the 1960's..Havent heard this artist before but one thing i noticed is the whole Tom Jones and Mod/Soul was pretty big in the local Philippine music scene,judging on the bunch of releases and local versions/imitators of their U.K and U.S predecessors..

Joe Alvarez released a couple of albums and they're pretty hard to find nowadays. Here's the stand-out tack i ripped called "I Sigh", which i believed is an original.
Check it out...

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Jazzy Phat13 said...

Joe Alvarez is my uncle and have been looking for a copy of any of his records for years. Do you have any of his records that I️ could purchase? I️ want to give it as a gift this Christmas. Can you help in any way? Th aks!