Sunday, February 20, 2011

I left my MPC in Manila

Back in the bay chillin' with the fam and friends..Hooked up the other night with Johnny Krush & Proof Positive to check out a show by Fil-am artist Hopie Spitshard (you can download her latest EP here And also ,Krazykyle and his wife is in town for their honeymoon so he joined us and mini-reminisced some good times over some Red Stripes and Stella Artois

Sorry this is the only pic i have of Hopie..(too dark in the club)

Proof and Johnny missin them classic Pinoy breakfast at Lucky Chances
Then we had a little nightcap and checked out Johnny's studio..Was conning him to sell his classic SP12..didnt work lol..

We was watching a blaxpoitation movie with Eddie Garcia on it, and Johnny heard something from the soundtrack..And he straight sampled it for the beat he was workin on that night..Dope!

This right here is the movie..Can yall guess what 70's movie is this?

bonus: here's a free download of a track circa 2001,back when me and Proof Positive had a side project called "Spolarium"..this one is called "Reasons & Meanings"

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