Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disco Boogie with Marvic!

I havent seen this on vinyl yet but its one of the most timeless music Marvic Sotto ever released..fresh from his tenure as Vocalist/Composer of Disco supergroup VST & Co, Marvic released this litte known gem back in 1979 and qucikly faded into obscurity.Aside from the classic Dancefloor filler "May i have this dance" this album also includes the english versions of VST's hits, "Disco Fever" and "Awitin mo"..There's also a couple of boogie joints to get you grooving into the night..a perfect soundtrack driving to your favorite discotheque..This album was reissued on cd and still available at all record bars.

Marvic "Sexy Lady" (an earlier tagalog version came on 45 single,cop it if u see it!)

Marvic: "Its in your eyes"
Beautiful pinoy boogie!

1 comment:

tictac said...

i love this!!!
so soulful!
why cant mainstream OPM be as creative as it was decades ago.
makes me wish i existed during that time haha