Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Yawza

Always love doing them bday gigs..some of my most memorable gigs were during my mobile days in the 90's..when we used to do hotel gigs,debuts,weddings was all hard work during the pre-mp3 days coz we had to lug crates and crates of records,heavy ass mk2's,helicopter lights,strobes (there were no moving heads back then i think),then you have to wait for your turn to dj,coz usually all of us in the crew spins...a blast spinnin' private parties also coz the crowd gets drunk early,they're all set to get down, and i get to play different kinds of music,coz of the mixed crowd..u got old tita's requesting for achy breaky heart,some chick asking for some Timbaland and so on....happy bday to homeboy Jowee's wife, Sarah..and bigup's for turning the edsa shang-rila ballroom to your own private club with velvet rope,bouncers et . al..cheers!

80's-90's playlist???sure fire tomorrow!an 80's dance tune that never fails me..

and some weekend love for my 90's peeps..

bonus: for all the tito's and tita's, D.I not included..

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